Motorcycle Roadworthy

What is a Motorcycle Roadworthy Certificate?

A motorcycle roadworthy certificate, commonly known as an RWC, is a certificate issued by an authorised Victorian Motorcycle Tester to certify that the motorcycle is safe and legal to ride on a Victorian road. It is not a mechanical condition or ownership report

When do you need a Motorcycle Roadworthy Certificate?

  1. If you want to transfer a registered motorcycle into your name.
  2. If want to register a secondhand motorcycle.
  3. If you would like to sell your bike with a Roadworthy Certificate.

What does a Motorcycle Roadworthy Certificate not cover?

  1. A Motorcycle RWC does not guarantee the mechanical condition of the motorcycle.
  2. A Motorcycle RWC does not guarantee the ownership of the motorcycle.

How long is a Victorian Motorcycle Roadworthy Certificate valid?

A Victorian Motorcycle Roadworthy Certificate (RWC) stays valid for 30 days from the date of the test.

Spot On Motorcycles specialises only in Victorian Motorcycle Roadworthy Tests

We are accredited in Victorian as a Motorcycle Roadworthy Tester only. That means we are specialists in motorcycle roadworthys and can quickly identify any issues you have with your motorcycle roadworthy and advise you on the best way to get them fixed.

Trained mechanic on hand to do immediate repairs if required

We have a fully trained mechanic on hand and a full range of motorcycle tyres and spares so we can make any repairs to your motorcycle that are required on the spot to ensure your motorcycle passes the roadworthy. You are also free to address any defects yourself or through another mechanic and issue your motorcycle for a retest at a later date.

Spot On Motorcycles Melbourne is an approved Victorian Motorcycle Roadworthy Certificate Tester

Book in for a Victorian Motorcycle Roadworthy Test

If you would like to book in your motorcycle for a roadworthy test you can call us in business hours on (03) 9329 8222 or send this booking form anytime.

When you'd like to book your bike into for roadworthy assessment.
E.g. Tyres, lights, brakes, oil leaks etc..
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